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Ffarm Country House : Our COVID House Rules

UPDATE : 1 March 2022


With the success of the vaccine programme we are now in the situation that most legal Covid restrictions have been lifted in Wales. However this does not mean that Covid has gone away and we would promote the idea of personal risk awareness.

Here at the Ffarm we have continually evolved our processes and procedures to maintain as COVID-safe an environment as is practicably possible. We have appreciated all the feedback we have received over the past two years and we have used it to inform our thinking going forward.

We are not however complacent and you will see that we are retaining certain of the measures that we have developed to protect ourselves, our staff and our guests.

These measures are not mandatory but we ask that out of respect to others, as well as ourselves, you adhere to these COVID House Rules whilst staying at the Ffarm.

Face Masks

It is no longer a legal requirement to wear masks inside the Ffarm.

However you will note that we and our staff are continuing to wear masks during all interactions with guests and we apologise in advance if communication is difficult as a result.

We respectfully ask all our guests to reciprocate and also wear masks when transiting through the hotel. It would be greatly appreciated if masks were worn during check-in and check-out and when social distancing from others is difficult (for example in the corridors or on the stairs).

Social Distancing

We regard the continuation of the 2m rule as a prudent and safe practice and ask all guests to respect the personal space of others.

On the stairs, please give priority to guests ascending the stairs.

If other guests are using the self service Honesty Bar we ask that you wait until the Bar is vacated before serving yourself.

Hand Sanitising & Washing

We encourage everyone to make regular use of the Hand Sanitising Gels located around the Ffarm.

As a reassurance to others please sanitise your hands with Hand Sanitising Gel before using the Honesty Bar, before using the DVD Library and also on entering the Dining Room and the Snooker Room.

In addition, Sanitising Wipes are available  beneath the Reception Desk in the Entrance Hall.

Breakfast  Arrangements

We have re-arranged the Dining Room in line with social distancing requirements with 2m between tables. Each table is arranged with a “service area” to which we will deliver food and drinks. We ask you to take the items from the service area once we have retreated.

Social distancing limits our capacity in the dining room so you will be given a one hour breakfast slot on check-in and your table will be indicated by a Reserved sign for your room. In consideration of other guests here we would ask that you do your best to be prompt for your breakfast slot and retire from the dining room before your slot expires so that we can reset and sanitise the table for the next guests.

For groups we may utilise the Snooker Room for breakfast in order to facilitate social distancing between the group and other guests.

Dining  Arrangements

Our restaurant will be open 5 days a week (excluding Tuesdays & Thursdays). For dinner we do not wish to rush your meal so we will not have multiple sittings per table. This does limit our capacity but we will give priority to residents over non-residents. We therefore ask that all tables are pre-booked in advance and we will require menu choices to be given in advance too.

If group private dining is of interest to you, please contact us in advance of your stay, to discuss the arrangements in more detail and to request our function menu options. Group dining will take place in the Snooker Room and be kept entirely separate from other diners.

Drawing Room & Honesty Bar

Whilst our Drawing Room is open for use as a shared facility, it is essential that social distancing is maintained and the personal space of other guests is respected.

You are very welcome to use the Honesty Bar in the Drawing Room on a self-service basis.  Please sanitise your hands with Hand Sanitising Gel before picking up any glasses or bottles.  If other guests are using the Honesty Bar, please respect their social space and maintain your own.

There is additional seating in the Hall and in the Snooker Room to facilitate social distancing.

Room Refreshes

If you require your room to be refreshed during your stay with us, please hang the “Please Make Up My Room” sign on the outside of your bedroom door.

If you either hang the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the outside of your bedroom door or do not hang any sign at all, we will respect your privacy and will not enter your room during your stay with us (save in case of emergency).

Check-In & Check-Out

We would ask all guests to respect the space of others especially during check-in and check-out when the Hall may become crowded. Please use the seating in the Drawing Room whilst waiting in order to free up space at the entrance, stairs and reception desk. We would recommend the wearing of masks as a personal risk mitigation measure.

We would request all guests to be responsible for their own luggage on check-in and check-out.  We will gladly offer assistance with luggage if necessary and we will ensure our hands are sanitised before handling your luggage and we will be wearing masks as well.


On check-out we would ask that you wear a mask just in case social distancing is compromised at the Reception Desk.

We would encourage contactless transactions wherever possible but the normal Chip & Pin machine is still available.

For the avoidance of any doubt, cash payments will still be accepted.

Thank You

There are many other things we are doing behind the scenes to make the Ffarm a Covid safe environment but these House Rules require your understanding and co-operation.

We understand that some may regard our COVID House Rules and procedures as excessive but we respectfully ask that whilst in our home you observe our rules.

We want everyone, including ourselves, to feel safe – so please help us achieve this.

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